2015 Flying Calendar

Created by James Honda and Benny Barmapov and donated to support sport dog organizations in the USA. Proceeds from the purchase of this AWMA version of the calendar will benefit the AWMA. Show your support for AWMA and your love of working dogs!

Sacramento Schutzhund Club

Welcome to the newest AWMA club - the Sacramento Schutzhund Club in California.

Host the 2015 Championships

Call for bids to host the AWMA National IPO Championship. Bids should contain as much information as possible, including dates, location, and available help/support. The contract for the host club can be found here: http://www.workingmalinois.org/…/awma_nationals_host_club_a…. Bids are due on February 15, 2015 and can be sent to the AWMA secretary or president. Electronic submissions are preferred.

FMBB Declarations

Updated declaration materials for the 2015 FMBB IPO and agility teams are available on the AWMA website at the bottom of the policies and procedures page or on the forms page. Note the deadline for receipt of the declarations is February 1, 2015.

Sportsmanship Award

The recipient of the 2014 Warren L. Jones Sportsmanship Award is Mohawk John Wiitanen. Mohawk has been a staunch supporter of the AWMA for many years. A few years ago he volunteered for and was responsible for the creation and sales of t-shirts and other apparel for the AWMA. He and Paula hosted a fabulous National Championship in Michigan with the best judges’ dinner ever that was home-made food at their home. He hosted the AWDF Championship with the largest entry ever. He helped set up the AWMA facebook page and makes routine contributions to it. He has also consistently had an AWMA member club that has held a trial every year. Whenever there has been something that needed to be done he’s stepped forward, even though he has not been an officer or committee member. He’s one of our most active and supportive club members and worthy of recognition. Congratulations, Mohawk!

World Champions!

Congratulations to Fabian Robinson and Graubaer's Boker Bear for winning the 2014 FCI IPO Championship.

Congratulations to the AWMA winners at the AWDF

The AWDF / FCI IPO team will be the 1st - 7th place winners from the 2014 AWDF IPO Championship. 6 & 7 as the alternates.

Congrats to our winners who will be representing the AWDF in Sweden!

1st - Fabian Robinson - Graubaer's Boker - 286
2nd - Ivan Balabanov - Ebor ot Vitosha- 285
3rd - Phil Hoelcher - Callaway Cam ot Vitosha - 277
4th - Julie Atchison - Brando du Loups du Soliel - 277
5th - Pablo Varela - Garm vom Adlerauge - 276
6th - Frans Slaman - Brongo fron Fighter - 274
7th - Mark Soccoccio - Ali vom Hofe Schumaker - 270

Further congratulations are in order:
Fabian and Bear, high tracking (98) and high Malinois.
Ivan and Ebor, high protection (98) and high HOT
Julie and Brando, high obedience (96) Helper's choice
Hardy and Chilli High IPO2
Fabian and Jaeger High team - AWMA

2014 FMBB

Congratulations to team AWMA for your performance at the 2014 FMBB. There were three US IPO competitors in the top 20 - Ivan and Ebor (7th), John and Darth (13th) and Benny and Insane (14th). Mauno had an unfortunate injury and he and Chris could not complete the competition. Julie/Brando, Susan/Axa, and Phil/Cam - we were honored to have you there on the IPO team. Shari, as always, thanks for representing us in agility. You all represented us well and I am proud of your accomplishments. Check out our Facebook page for more photos!

New Judge

Welcome to Kristiaan De Sweemer as our newest AWMA judge.

2014 FMBB IPO Team

Congratulations to the 2014 FMBB IPO team! 

Selected by virtue of top placements at AWMA Championship:

  • Julie Atchison/Brando du Loups du Soliel
  • Benny Barmapov/Insane v.d. Berlex-Hoeve
  • John Petitti/Darth Del Fuego Interno
  • Ivan Balabanov/Ebor ot Vitosha

Selected on the point system:

  • Chris Kutelis/Mecberger Hegel
  • Susan Miller/Axa Prima Sudo

First alternate:

  • Cynthia Wiley (handler Phil Hoelcher)/Callaway Cam ot Vitosha

Second alternate:

  • Ludovic Terubane/Cronos Terubane

Third alternate:

  • Ugne Schmitt-Sody/Stormvogel's Alya Joy

Fourth alternate:

  • Fabian Robinson/Grubaer's Boker

FMBB Agility Team:

  • Shari Lipski/Amara von der Eichenquelle (Malinois)
  • Chris Libs/B'Rumba du Volant (Groenendal)

2013 AWMA Championship

It is now history - thanks to Angie Stark, Waine Singleton and Midwest Working Dogs for all the work they put into hosting a great event. The judges, helpers, and track layers made sure everything was fair and consistent for all the competitors.

AWMA Champions


In the end the results were:

  • AWMA Champion - Julie Atchison and Brando du Loups du Soleil
  • Vice Champion - Benny Barmapov and Insane v.d. Berlex-Hoeve
  • IPO III 3rd place - John Petitti and Darth del Fuego Interno
  • IPO III 4th place - Ivan Balabanov and Ebor ot Vitosha
  • IPO I 1st place - Sondra Rolison and E'Mamba Chenile de Loucyn
  • IPO II 1st place - Linda Guidry and F'Wrak du Loucyn
  • High tracking - Chris Kutelis and Mecberger Hegel
  • High obedience - Ivan Balabanov and Ebor ot Vitosha
  • High protection - John Petitti and Darth del Fuego Interno
  • High HOT - Julie Atchison and Brando du Loups du Soleil
  • High Amateur HOT - John Petitti and Darth del Fuego Interno
  • High Jr. Handler - Alyssa Pisano and Masons Paws
  • High Female - Hardy Enrsting and Chilli Airport Hannover
  • Helpers Choice - Hardy Ernsting and Chilli Airport Hannove
  • Sportsmanship - Benny Barmapov
  • High Scoring Breeder - del Fuego Interno
  • Warren Jones Sportsmanship - Anne Camper

Highlights from the 2013 AWMA Championships

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