Below are some of the most common questions pertaining to membership in the AWMA.

Please review this section before contacting the Membership Chair. 

How can I submit my application and pay the fee?

You may join online using  If you cannot submit your membership through Zooza, please contact the membership chair.

Who can join the AWMA?

We welcome anyone interested in the working abilities of the Belgian Malinois, along with those who own other Belgian breeds. We also encourage anyone interested in participating in the sport of IGP, regardless of breed, to belong to the AWMA. If you have a breed that is not represented by a breed organization in the AWDF, you can get your scorebook through us and have your dog's breed listed on the scorebook. You can join the AWMA and help support the formation of a local club. Or you can join to show your support for an organization that believes in including everyone for the betterment of the sport.

When does my membership expire?

Memberhip with the American Working Malinois Association runs from June 1 to June 1, per the AWMA by-laws.

When will I receive my AWMA renewal notice?

Per the AWMA by-Laws, renewal notices will be sent by mail starting May 1.

I did not receive a notice to renew my membership, why not?

Renewal notices may not have been received due to a change of address or illegible handwriting on the membership application. If you are not receiving your renewal notices, please contact the membership chair via e-mail to verify the reason why.

I have a trial to enter, can I expediate my membership application?

Memberships typically go out every 4-6 weeks but can go out faster or slower due to competitions or other life events. If you need your membership faster, there is a $50.00 fee to rush the application in 2 weeks or less. The best option for rush processing is Please indicate on the outside of the envelope and we will try to accommodate as best we can — but please keep in mind this is a volunteer-based organization.

I have tried contacting the Membership Chair to no avail, what now?

Please be sure you are submitting to the correct This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do NOT submit paypals to this e-mail.

I need a scorebook and a membership, can I submit both together?

Yes, membership applications and scorebook applications go to the membership chair. Simply put "pending" on your scorebook application that is submitted simultaneously with your membership application.  

I want to enter the AWMA National Championship, do I have to be a member to enter?

Yes, all entrants to the AWMA National Championship MUST have a current membership prior to the close of entries. Entrants who wait until the last minute may not get their applications processed in time so please enter well in advance of the championships. The AWMA Championship is held every year between September/December so be sure to submit well in advance so there are no problems entering.

I want to enter the AWDF Championship as part of the AWMA team. Do I need to be a member to enter?

Yes, you will be required to provide your membership number on the entry form and we verify membership before your entry will be accepted. Again, do not wait until the last minute to obtain or renew your membership. The AWDF Championship is held in the spring and the date will vary.

I just got a Belgian Malinois, why should I support the AWMA by joining?

The AWMA is an organization devoted entirely to the working characteristics of the Belgian Malinois breed. We have low yearly membership dues and all the monies from membership dues help expand programs that directly benefit the working Belgian Malinois. For example, in addition to covering the general expenditures of running the organization, monies are donated every year to help the FCI team members, FMBB team members, the host club for the National Championship, trophy sponsorships for other large competitions, etc. By joining the American Working Malinois Association you will be supporting the growth and recognition of the working Belgian Malinois in the United States.