Python La Maschera di Ferra  Sonia Bincarousky
Iuma vom Adlerauge Cynthia Wiley
D&C's Bravo Olga Baram
Zena van den Bergen Chris Barnhart
Sylvan Eidolon Akela Valentin Puscasu
Drex ot Vitosha Teala Ficks
Mohawks Miss B Haven Amy Jimenez
Diva God of War Laura Ellis
Annex d'Chaos vonder Kugel Christine Ponder
Magic Extra Temperament Monty Ellison
Bricks Van Bolwerk Honden James Dwertman
Mohawks Don't Tread On Me Julia Bober
Gravitas Andrew Katie Finlay
Mohawks Amok Jill Lyden
Inoui des Chenil de Loucyn Kelly Hodorek
Brix de la Forge Deb Stephenson
Onix von Wendelen Mark Sheplack
Coca Cola Betkin dvor Michaela Bouzkova
Emily Maschera Di Ferro Gary Sciascia
Rosso vom Roten Sturm Nick Navarro
N'Attequez du Sauvage Armani Morris Chaison
Q'Judah! des Barriques Christopher Smith
Harley du Loups du Soleil Warren Jones
Zappa du Loups du Soleil Samie Jones
Jenos' Pyra Hiroe Wolters
Avallone Ari Kasia Powlowska
Monty Extra Temperament Tim Karchnak
Raising Kane Michael O'Donnell
Chase des Diables Nightmare Waine Singleton
Cedric de la Cite des Boston Edward Forster
Stormvogel's Echo Joy Victoria Johnson
Remy von Mastock Jill Lynden
Frambos Gismo Tim Karchnak
Attika Beatrix du Loups du Soleil Tracy Klopp
Sprites Knick Knack of Fanfare Kathleen E McClain
Yo-Yo Delta Saj Waine Singleton
Chili Airport Hannover Everhard Ernsting
Alexander Consummate K9 Charles Wrenn
Rommel DeMeaux William Dutton
Loup Noir Jurri John Holiday
Azar Von Koewitz Pat Carpenter
Zh'Ak ot Shato Bulgar Carol Karchnak
F'Sting van de Utadreef Charles Wrenn
I'Vecter des Barriques Linda Guidry
Faya von Schoerling John Holiday
G'A vom Drachenherz Cynthia Zimmermann
Temple of the Tree's Beau Geste Donna McGinnis
Axel (Police K9) Carol Karchnak
Boca vom Joefarm Don Cates
Catesville's B'Flyin' Solo Don Cates
Windrush's Jami's Takela Don Cates
A'Bete Visage Noir vom BMT Cynthia Zimmermann
Fury vom Adlerauge Cynthia Zimmermann
Civa vom Joefarm Gerry Zimmermann
Luisant du Loups du Soleil Elane Flower
Felise du Chenil du Mirador Donna McGinnis
Maxims Brix Christopher Smith
Bazouka van de Trinekesdreef Anne Camper
Bekqa d'Ile de Chien Anne Camper
Danno ot Vitosha Anne Camper


 Check out the newest members of the AWMA's IPO/IGP3 Club!

The IPO/IGP 3 Club is a way to recognize AWMA members who have titled their dog from BH-/IGP 3. IPO3 Club Medal

The criteria for the AWMA IPO/IGP 3 Club is as follows:.

  1. All titles must be earned under any AWDF-recognized performance judge. Applicant must be a member in good standing of the AWMA at the time the IPO/IGP 3 application is submitted.
  2. Titles must be earned by the same handler on a previously untitled dog.
  3. Program is open to all breeds of dogs, including mixes.
  4. All AWDF club scorebooks will be accepted (with the exclusion of the old USA-only books).
  5. Cost to submit to the program is $10 per application. Fill out the form below and submit payment by PayPal or credit/debit card.



If the form doesn't appear below, click here to go to jotform. And if you have Explorer, right click the link, then cut and paste it in to your browser.


Questions: contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.