• IPO3 Club Form - See information and jotform on IPO 3 club link under "Sports"
  • Forming a Club Packet - Download as Word Doc
  • Renewing Club Packet - Download as PDF
  • Trial Score Sheet - Download as PDF or - Word Doc (*Revised 9/7/12)
  • BH exam - Download as PDF (*Revised 7/16/13)
  • BH certificate - Download as PDF
  • Protocol for Procuring a Judge - Download as Word Doc
  • Trial Registration Form - Download as Word Doc - PDF
  • Hosting an AWMA Trial - See new information in "Policies and Procedures"
  • Membership Application - see "join the AWMA" page and use online application
  • Scorebook Application for FCI registered dog - see scorebook page and use online form
  • Scorebook Application for Non-FCI Registered Dogs - see scorebook page and use online form if possible or download as PDF
  • AWMA Application to Record a Working Title (for Malinois and Belgian Sheepdogs) Download as PDF


2017 FMBB World Championships
April 26th through April 30th in Halle (Saale), Germany

Website: www.fmbb2017.de

AWMA/FMBB IPO World Team Competitior Guidelines (Updated 12/09/2016):

AWMA/FMBB Agility World Team Competitor Guidelines (Updated 12/09/2016):

  • Agility World Team Regulations and Team Selection Criteria PDF
  • Team Competitor/Member Guidelines PDF
  • Agility Declaration Form PDF
  • Entry Qualification Form PDF
  • Team Captain Guidelines PDF

FMBB Mondio Team Competitor Guidelines (Updated 12/09/2016):

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