June 3-4, 2017

All Canine Working Dog Club

Judge:  Wendell Nope SVF

Brian Agrelius/Odissera's Limited Edition with Italica pass
Tommy Smith/Echilon I Lady Taurino of the Pacific pass
Lynnae Gillett/Mohawks Grendel pass
Victor Young/Steeltown Kennels Kevlar did not pass
Sadot Aldaco/Phoenix of Risen Above 100 94 95 a 287
Kathi Glenwinkle/Jett XXVI 92 89 83 a 264
Katie Finlay/Gravitas Andrew 99 96 96 a 291
FH 2
Christopher Smith/Gravitas A'Merica! 84
APr 1
Kathi Glenwinkle/Vato de las Flores  / 67 88 a 155


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