Motion for vote: May 28, 2020

Motion to accept C3 Hundesport as a full AWMA club

Poll closed June 11, 2020 and passed.

Yes Anne Camper, Annie Wildmoser, Katie Finlay, Katie Smart, Randall Hoadley, Tim Karchnak, Jill Lyden, Gary Johnson, Michelle Kutelis

Motion for vote: May 19, 2020

Motion to approve expenses for 100 scorebooks from the AWDF

Poll closed June 2, 2020 and passed.

Yes Anne Camper, Annie Wildmoser, Tim Karchnak, Randall Hoadley, Michelle Kutelis, Jill Lyden, Katie Smart

Motion for vote: April 13, 2020

Motion to accept Granite State as a full AWMA club

Poll closed April 27, 2020 and passed

Yes Anne Camper, Tim Karchnak, Randall Hoadley, Jill Lyden, Michelle Kutelis, Katie Smart, Stacia Davis

Motion for vote: March 14, 2020

Motion to accept Innercity Working Malinois Club as a full AWMA member club

Poll closed March 28 and failed.

Yes Katie Smart, Michelle Kutelis, Stacia Davis, David Caruso

No Annie Wildmoser, Christopher Smith, Gary Johnson, Katie Finlay, Randall Hoadley, Jill Lyden

Motion for vote: March 4, 2020

Motion to authorize funds for QuickBooks Online Plus program.

Motion closed March 18, 2020 and passed.

Yes Anne Camper, Christopher Smith, Jill Lyden, Katie Finlay, Katie Smart, David Caruso, Stacia Davis, Randall Hoadley, Annie Wildmoser