Motion for vote: November 13, 2019

In the matter of Camper v. Singleton, I vote to follow the BOI committee’s recommendation of 3 years membership suspension and permanent revocation of Waine Singleton’s judging license.

Passed with majority vote closed November 18, 2019


Motion for vote: November 4, 2019

Motion to proceed with tax exempt application and pay the $850.00 fee 

Yes:  Anne Camper, Kim Yeager, Carol Karchnak, Annie Wildmoser, Randall Hoadley, Katie Finlay, Michelle Kutelis, Christina Hansel

Poll closed November 18, 2019 and passed

Motion for vote: November 3, 2019

Motion for waiver for Spirit Working Dog Club for 2019

Yes:  Annie Wildmoser, Randall Hoadley, Anne Camper, Katie Finlay, Michelle Kutelis 

No:  Carol Karchnak, Kim Yeager

Poll closed November 17, 2019 and passed

Motion for vote: November 1, 2019

Motion for event waiver for Florida WDC for 2019

Yes: Randall Hoadley, Anne Camper, Annie Wildmoser, Glenn Stephenson, Katie Finlay

No:  Carol Karchnak

Poll closed November 15, 2019 and passed

Motion for vote: October 5, 2019

Motion to accept the changes proposed by Anne to the AWMA Judges' Program Policy. Annie Wildmoser, Katie Finlay

7 yes
2 no
Poll closed October 19, 2019 and passed