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AWMA Board of Inquiry

Findings and Recommendations to the AWMA Executive Board

In the matter of Annie Wildmoser vs Angie Stark

Board of Inquiry Members
Dana Miller, Diamond Hansel, Monty Ellison, BOI Chairman


The Board of Inquiry agreed on these findings:

After reviewing the charges filed by Mrs. Annie Wildmoser, the AWMA Board of Inquiry by majority vote concludes that all charges are without merit for the following reason:

  1. There is no Facebook or social media policy under the AWMA bylaws.
  2. There is no personal code of conduct policy in the AWMA bylaws.
  3. The BOI Committee recommends no further action is needed on these charges.

Respectfully submitted on May 30, 2019

Monty Ellison, BOI Chairman Dana Miller, BOI Committee Member Diamond Hansel, BOI Committee Member