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AWMA Board of Inquiry

Findings and Recommendations to the AWMA Executive Board

In the matter of Carol Karchnak vs Christopher Smith

Board of Inquiry Members
Dana Miller, Diamond Hansel, Monty Ellison, BOI Chairman


The Board of Inquiry agreed on these findings:
After reviewing the charges filed by Ms. Carol Karchnak, the AWMA Board of Inquiry by majority vote concludes that all charges are without merit for the following reasons:

  1. The BOI Committee found in regards to Christopher Smith posting Angie Stark’s address, that once Christopher Smith took possession of the BOI Complaint that contained Angie Stark’s physical address, it became Christopher Smith’s personal property with which he had the right to do what he wanted with it.
  2. The BOI Committee ruled that Christopher Smith cannot control what his Facebook friends post on his personal Facebook page.
  3. The BOI Committee found there is no evidence of any harassment by Christopher Smith towards Angie Stark.
  4. The BOI Committee has already ruled in the matter of sexual harassment in regards to the BOI Complaint Angie Stark vs Christopher Smith. The ruling was unanimous that all charges in this BOI were without merit.
  5. The BOI Committee concludes that there is no evidence of Christopher Smith’s posts about cyber stalking and about winners and losers are directed towards Angie Stark.
  6. The AWMA currently does not have a “Code of Conduct” for elected positions.
  7. The BOI Committee recommends no further action is needed on these charges.
  8. Respectfully submitted on May 20, 2019
    Monty Ellison, BOI Chairman
    Dana Miller, BOI Committee Member
    Diamond Hansel, BOI Committee Member