IPO-R seminar in Bozeman, MT May 4-6

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IPO-R seminar in Bozeman, MT May 4-6

Postby annecamper » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:57 am

Sponsored by Big Sky Working Dogs in Bozeman, MT on May 4-6. There are spectator & working slots available.

Dear Working Dog Enthusiast!

Have you wondered if there was another area of competition where you
could expand and showcase your working dog's skills? * IPO-R
(competitive rescue-dog trials)* might just be of interest! IPO-R trials
require high level obedience (with testing routines very similar to
Schutzhund obedience), coupled with controlled dexterity and a search
specialty. Specialities include:

•Wilderness area search where the dog is sent into specific areas by the
handler to locate "lost victims"

•Rubble search where the dog must located buried victims hidden under
piles of debris

•Tracking search where the K9 team first find the start of an FH level
type track, follow the track-layers course over 1000-2000 paces and
ultimately locate the "victim" at the end of the trail

•Avalanche where the dog must locate buried victims hidden deep in the snow

If these specialities sound intriguing to you, then you might be
interested in joining us for a seminar offered by Search Dog
Organization of North America (SDONA). SDONA will be holding a series of
three Training Seminars featuring Brigitte Versterre (NL) in:

•Indianapolis, Indiana, April 20-22,

•Ruckersville, VA from April 27-29 and in

•Bozeman, MT from May 4-6

Brigitte has been involved in dog training for over 20 years and
involved in IRO testing for nearly a decade. She is experienced in
tracking, area, rubble and avalanche search. She has won the Austrian
(2006, 2007), Dutch (2007, 2008) and German (2008) championships in area
search, and was the 2007 World Champion. She moved her dog Chica into
rubble search competition and won the Dutch championship in rubble
search (2008). In 2010, she placed 4th in the German championship for
rubble search, and 14th in the 2010 World Championship. She was recently
in 1st place at the Wurttembergische Championship in Germany (A level,
Area search) with her 2-year-old Malinois, Indy. Shortly after that, she
obtained the B-level Area with Indy. Brigitte will be participating in
and will be a secretary for an IRO trial in March which will be one of
the first opportunities to test under the revised 2012 standards under
three different judges. She will bring this experience to her seminars
with SDONA.

Please visit our site at http://www.sdona.org/about/ for additional
information about what we do and how you can participate. Specific
seminar information can be found at
http://www.sdona.org/training-events/. I have attached a flyer for our
seminars. Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone else
you think might be interested.

Best regards,


Liz LaPointe
Member, Board of Directors
Search Dog Organization of North America

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