SW Regionals Congrats

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SW Regionals Congrats

Postby Gunny » Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:12 am

Congrats to Donna and Beau on getting thier 3~~ Good Job!!! I am proud of you two.

Danny Craig and Darka....For coming off a lay off, having only a few weeks of training and still pulling out an 88-80-94

Laura Boschwieller (sorry if I butchered it)..For 3rd place with Bert.

And lastly for this Years Champion and just great all around guy....David Greene and Luigi. Congrats David....You have braggin rights.

I heard it was tough, tracking was windy and dusty....jusging was fair but stiff.
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Re: SW Regionals Congrats

Postby j.4knee » Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:22 am

Yes big congrats to David and Luigi for their repeat. That OB routine was simply amazing!!!! It was very obvious Luigi loves OB and working with David. Danny and Darka did a great job, big congrats to Donna and Beau on their 3 they did great, as did all the competitors, the judges were exact you earned your points for sure. I think B/C judge did loosen up a touch on Sat afternoon in the bright sun and heat, if I was judging I'd have tapped out in that heat. :lol:

Congrats to Anacapa for putting on a great event. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Re: SW Regionals Congrats

Postby Danny » Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:56 pm

First, big thanks to Carl Bell, Judy Bell, Rich Rosen, Ann Thomas and all the club members of Anacapa that put on the event. Well organized, fun event with great people.

David and Luigi's OB performance was one of those performances that causes you to kind of stand there and slowly shake your head. I mean, how can you beat that? It was an obedience performance like the one Marina and Simba put up at the AWMA Nationals in WA.

I am so happy for Donna McGinnis and TotT's Beau Geste. They earned their Schutzhund 3 (Donna's 3rd HOT SchH3) at this event and were a joy to watch. They are a perfect pair. Beau's such a good boy and Donna is the best.

Cecil Terry brought his monster out: B'Drogo (Dexter/Saida) - The scores aren't anything to brag about (with this dog, I doubt they ever will be) but, man, is that dog a banger. And he's completely cool off the field too. http://www.working-dog.eu/dogs-details/177049/B%27Drogo%20des%20Ombres%20Valeureux/

As far as my Darka goes, I think she put on her best protection performance ever and I'm happy about that.

Dana Williams' dog Malachai heels like a Tennessee Walking Horse - beautiful.

Some exciting Malinois' are coming onto the scene.

Chris Kutelis finished 2nd with a very cool Mecberger dog. http://www.working-dog.eu/dogs-details/82146/Mecberger%20Hegel/

Debbie Skinner showed up and brought out her Master/Saida son D'Only. The dog had a super temperament and was big and strong. Social too. I wish he were mine.

Karen Groh has a new pup from Wasi Broumas of Haus Mecki that is an absolute kick. Super outgoing temperament. http://www.working-dog.eu/dogs-details/458137/Xoom%20vom%20Haus%20Mecki/

Here are the results:

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Re: SW Regionals Congrats

Postby malndobe » Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:11 am

Congrats to everyone who walked on the field and put it all out there, pass or fail. The judging was fair/consistent but tough, as it should be IMO at that level of competition. And a big congrats to David and Luigi for taking the SchIII Championship for the second year in a row, against a solid lineup of competitors.

I haven't digitized their protection routine yet, but here is the obedience routine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcc37eqYsPM

And both their B and C routines from another angle
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Re: SW Regionals Congrats

Postby Donna » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:23 pm

After four trials in four months I can officially say, yippee, we're done! (just for the long, hot summer)

Hats off to Judy and Carl Bell and all the AWDA members for such a fabulous event. The venue was incredibly beautiful. Just imagine, lunch and dinner at the harbor, visiting a family farm for a practice track, eating fresh strawberries plucked right from the field, picking an avocado from a friend's orchard...I could go on and on. If you could dream with me for a moment - wouldn't it be fantastic to have such a location to host the AWDF Championship? I tried to plant that seed with Judy and Carl, but I think at that moment they were too weary from all their hard work. Let's give it a week and maybe someone else could try?

Thank you for everyone's moral support during this trial. Thank you Dre and Shawn for meeting me on a big, strange field and running Beauwinkle around blinds. Thank you Gail Kendall and Shane Mallamphut for hauling blinds and working on yet another field. Even with all that practice we blew a blind -- I don't know how anyone can enter a trial on a big field without that kind of practice. Thank you Danny for working Beau on practice day. Thank you Sunny, Bev, Jim and Michelle for getting up in the wee wee hours of the morn and driving hither and yon to cheer for us. Thank you Cecil for sharing your practice time - what a gentleman. Thank you Kathy for the sardines!!!

It was a lot of fun making new acquaintances and seeing new Malinois. I still think there was room for Zoom (Xoom?) in my pocket book :-) except Felise would lose her mind if another dog showed up at our house.

Lastly, I hope everyone realizes what a phenomenal, outstanding accomplishment it is for David Greene and Luigi du Dantero to be the Regional Champions two years in a row. Congratulations to all the So Cal family, very loving and helpful to all their people. Tom Riche watched over us, I am sure of it.

Blessings to all.
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