Congrats to Ivan and Rock

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Congrats to Ivan and Rock

Postby Gunny » Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:32 pm

Just a Big congrats to Ivan and rock for a truley inspiring preformance at the Nationals. Also, To my firends David Greene and Luigi for an amazing OB routine and Protection routine. John Soares and Vion for a protection routine that was absolutley powerful, And my BFF Mohawk and Jack for his amazing Dumb bells and extremely powerful protection. Mike Morgan and Baccus...Who's protection was out of this world...and to learn the age of Baccus was mind boggling. I have to say to that a dog of that age with that kind of power and speed!!! impressive. One thing that tells that dog is built very very strong. Kristina Carmody and Wyatt who has always been a favorite of mine. Dana Williams and Malaki whom I had the honor of doing the helper work for her practise...And I can say that dog bites frigging hard.

the level of competetion was out of this world. I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt, that the AWMA's Nationals competetion is the premeire nationals. Every dog proved to be a threat...The level of training was unreal and the Malinois being what the Malinois is truley an awesome dog
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