Daneskjold Unkas SchH3, IPO3, FH

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Daneskjold Unkas SchH3, IPO3, FH

Postby Danny » Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:15 pm

Never expected to be posting this brag, but it looks like my old warrior Unkas is currently the number 3 ranked top producing AKC Malinois in the country. Last year, I think Unkas had four of his pups ranked in the AKC top 25 Malinois.

I know for a fact that Unkas makes pretty puppies, but this is really all about Penny Winegartner and the MPACT Malinois family. I applaud Penny for using real working dogs in her AKC breeding program and then getting the pups into great working/show homes. Congratulations Penny!!!!!

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Top Producers

Postby daretu » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:03 pm

Thanks for the plug, Danny.

Unkas is the number 3 top producing Malinois Stud Dog for 2007. My bitch Ch. MoonQuest Christmas Magic, OA, AXJ is ranked as the number 2 top Producing Bitch because four of their puppies from my "B" litter finished AKC Championships last year. Two of them made it into the top 25 Malinois rankings for conformation winning and were invited to the Eukanuba Invitational Championship. Another one of my young bitches was also in the top twenty five, but I didn't send anyone. It's nice to have the kids recognized in that way, but we were just killing time while they grew up some. Now we're working on the important side of their names - namely working titles! Pretty is as pretty does.

I'm not really a conformation person, I just like to get the puppies out into the show ring as a way of getting them socialized and use to working around other dogs and strangers. It's not just taking your dog in the show ring, there is actually some training that one must do for success in the show ring. Poor nerves do show themselves. I also believe that one can have a working Malinois that looks nice. It's a challenge to be able to breed dogs that excel in both Conformation and Working. However a dog that is structured correctly will be able to work better and longer so why not aim for that. Conformation shows are a way to prove that one is breeding dogs that meet the Breed Standard since you're getting the unbiased opinion of a judge who has nothing to gain by just letting you get by.

Personally Conformation showing isn't my favorite thing to do, but I just think of it as training time and not all training is fun! The sad thing is that neither side of this fence Working/Conformation want to acknowledge each other. In the magazine that has the Top Producers listed Unkas is currently listed as having no titles since his working titles are unrecognized by AKC . On the flip side most of the working dog people don't give any value to a Conformation Breed Championship. So those Breeders who try to do both are often dismissed by both sides.

Unkas has brought some great things to my breeding program. He brings calm focused tracking, an intensity that I love, sociability that is wonderful to have and an upbeat temperament that is a joy to work with. He doesn't throw a lot of size, but if like me you've got a large bitch size isn't something that one needs in both sides of the bloodlines. Unkas also refines the heads and stamps his pups with his athletic body. So all in all I'm very happy with what he's brought to my program. I greatly appreciate Danny letting me use Unkas with my girls for breedings.

I'm especially excited by what I see in this most recent litter (my "C" litter) and I'm expecting to see some great working dogs earning their performance titles in the next couple of years.
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Postby j.4knee » Thu May 01, 2008 2:06 pm

The B Litter was a special one if I do say so myself. Great looking dogs, they matured a little slower but they're getting where they're going in a reasonable time. Jake is doing nicely and is strong as a friggin horse. He is at a point where he is moving forward nicely as long as his owner is not lazy :oops: All of our dogs are quite good at getting me out of work laden funks...the kind where ya wanna do a strafing run on the afternoon commute....but Jake simply refuses to allow me to keep that attitude when I get home. He has this “it’s all about me” attitude that just demands your attention and he pays you back in spades for the little he asks for. He is a happy good boy, a natural fit for my personality.
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