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de Atlawor

Postby wrkingdog » Fri May 07, 2010 9:30 pm

We have two breedings we are very excited about. Both mothers have gone through the sonogram to confirm they are pregnant.

Bebe de Atlawor: ... 20Atlawor/
Us'Ton du Calvaire aux Acacias: ... ux-Acacias

This should be a super strong litter. Bebe is a strong female that has nice prey, but really prefers to work through aggression. She has a full hard bite on the sleeve and is generally fast to the bite. She is a bit of a launcher from the distance bites. She has a high desire for food and toys. She is a daughter of Baccha vom Drachenherz, whom has consistantly produced strong dogs.

Baccha vom Drachenherz: ... rachenherz
Cerbere du Chemin de Lusitanes (Crack): ... Lusitanes/

Baccha is the sister of Bacchus vom Drachenherz. They are very semilar and Baccha has produced very nice dogs in the past. Crack is a strong dog that is stable around other people and loves to work. He has a full hard bite and is extremely athletic. We expect this litter to be very strong and very dark. Baccha has thrown very strong, drivey working dogs and Crack is the strongest dog that I have breed to Baccha.

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