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SV judges for AWDF club trials

Postby annecamper » Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:04 pm

Please see the message below from the President of the AWDF, Al Govednik that was posted with his permission. As you will see, this pertains to the ability of SV judges to preside at trials outside of their home country. There will be continued discussions about judges at the next AWDF delegate's conference call. As alsways, if you have any questions regarding judges for AWMA trials, contact our Director of Judges, Glenn Stephenson.


Fellow delegates,

Please pass this along to your respective clubs. It seems as if a few SV judges have been abusing their position when it comes to trials in America. My understanding of this situation is that the SV will not honor titles/awards given by judges that do not follow their (SV) guidelines.

Judges that agree to become SV judges also agree to follow their (SV) rules & regs. If any of these judges do not have permission from the SV, and they contact you or your club, please notify either myself, or the SV.

This will also be a topic on our next conference call. I have some recommendations as well.

Below is a clarification from Nathaniel Roque, the USA DOJ

The purpose of this e mail is to try to avoid some of the confusion that has happened in the past with visiting SV , SVF Judges coming to USA and Judging without proper SV approval (exceeding their approved trials outside of their country).

Since I have been DOJ this has now happened twice. Effective today until we receive further approvals from the SV neither of these judges will be approved to judge any USA event for the remainder of 2010, they have met their limit set by the SV. Please do not approve any event authorizations requesting these judges until further notice.

The SV now requires all SV Licensed Judges judging out side of their country of residence to have a SV Judges Release Form approved by them in order for the SV to track and document trials judges for recognition of breed requirements. The SV will only approve three (3) trials per year to be judged out side of their country of residence (where the license is issued)

This means that all SV Judges , full SV , SVF, or our newly recognized SV judges ( like our USA/SV) Judges must have a SV Release Form approved and the Judges Fee paid to the SV if they are going to judge outside of their country of residence. I know in the past we did not always get SV approval for the SVF Judges that came into the country to judge, but with out the SV approval the trial will not be recognized for the SV Breed requirements and at a later date this could cause confusion for our members and the organization.
When approving trials for any SV judge (SV or SVF) please make sure that the club has also sent an SV Judges Request Form to our SV Liasion Steff Dunion with the appropriate fee enclosed.

This does not apply to our USA/SV Judges when judging in the US or Canada , it also does not apply to Mr Dieter Dust USA, SV Judge if he is invited to judge as a USA Judge in the USA.

Below is an excerpt of the SV E mail quoting this rule (I removed the names of Club and Judge):

-------Original Message-------

From: SV-HG, B-Ausland
Date: 3/25/2010 9:51:55 AM
To: MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be; 'Stephanie Dunion'
Subject: 15483 Rejection

Dear Mrs. Niccum,

Regarding your request we have to inform you that the release for the following application cannot be confirmed:

Date/ Place: on Road

Mr. has already received three releases to judge events hold by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and by the United Schutzhund Clubs of America in the United States for this year.

According to a decision by the Federal Assembly of 29./30.05.1999, which was confirmed again by the SV Board on 23.04.2009, every judge is allowed to judge in the same country only three times a year.

We ask you to name us another judge.


Jennifer Wildmoser
Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V.
- Hauptgeschäftsstelle -
Steinerne Furt 71
86167 Augsburg
Tel.: +49 821 74002-47
Fax: +49 821 74002-9947

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