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2010 FMBB

Postby annecamper » Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:39 am

Pleae see below - some interesting changes proposed for this year's FMBB.


To the presidents of the land organisations of the FMBB and to the commission IPO,

I have a very important request. The world championship of the FMBB takes place in 2010 in Germany in the city of Cottbus and is supported by the Polish dog sport organisation.
The president Johan FMBB Weckhuyzen has suggested last year on the meeting in Czechia to decorate the world championship in the area IPO even more interesting. This year on a meeting for the preparation of the world championship in 2010 Johan explained his idea.
The team's world champion should become during the days Thursday till Saturday in department of track obidience and protection detected . The best 20 dogs should go on Sunday again to the start and fight for the singles-world champion's title. On Sunday these dogs should start in the obidience and protection again. Then the valuation takes all three judges and, perhaps, still of the Superviser together. Every jugde show his points and the dog gets the middle of these points. The world champion is reached that from 500 points most points.
We think that such a competition is unique in the history of the dog port and which can become here only that world champion who has trained his dog so well which he does get to this high demand. There will not be an accidental world champion's title any more and all dogs on Sunday over again to the start can be allowed to go proudly of having his Irondog. We are of the opinion a time becomes tradition and to unite dynamism with each other and to make the sport more attractive.
This version is already on our homepage http://www.fmbb2010.net/home/ and is to be seen only as a proposal. Now I would like to know your opinion in addition.

Yours sincerely Edgar Scherkl
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