2009 Regional Championship!!

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2009 Regional Championship!!

Postby maligator1004 » Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:20 pm

hi to all the belgian fans...

hope that everyone is having a great week so far!! first of all congratulations to all that participated and did sooooo well at the fci worlds!! what an achievement, and to have one of our own "socal handlers" in the top 10!! great job joker, mark and lisa maze (loups du soleil kennel).

i know that those of us here in san diego are probably wishing for some cooler weather!! anyway, i just wanted to send out a quick update regarding the upcoming regionals...and yes, i know that they are still months away (thank goodness--i need all the time i can get to train!!) :lol: there are several things that are included in this email...info regarding handlers, sponsorship, catalogs etc, so please hang in there and read the entire thing--hopefully the different colors will make it more interesting...haha. (i also included the regional website address after each section in case you don't want to scroll through this entire update each time to get to it...haha)

handlers: i just wanted to remind everyone that despite being 4 months, 2 weeks and 5 days away (really, who's counting?!) there is a cap of 36 dogs total, and we have already begun to recieve entries, so you all know what that means...to avoid waiting lists and a last minute rush to get your entry in...please send them sooner rather than later. i understand the problems behind the "early entry"...if you are not sure which level your dog will ultimately be competing, just send in your entry at your dog's current level. if between now and the trial closing date, that level changes, just let me know and i will make all the necessary changes--no problem!! if the change is made later than the closing date, it may not be reflected in the trial catalog, but still can be changed...also, we are letting handlers reserve their field practice times in the order that we recieve entries (first come, first pick)....another "early entry" incentive... :P (http://09swregionals.com/)

sponsors: there are a variety of ways that you can help out and support this event (besides entering :wink: ). if you have a business, a kennel, a "thank you" etc that you would like to get some recognition for, please consider the following options:
1. trophy sponsorship (always a great one for the kennels, clubs in the region and website businesses). we have a variety of trophies still available to sponsor, and if you have a website, we will make your name next to the trophy that you sponsor an "active link" to your site. if you go check out the regionals website, you will see that there are some new trophies being offered this year (high opposite sex, high placing club in the region (1st-3rd) and a sportsmanship award).
2. advertising!! if you have a kennel, a business, a web business, an upcoming breeding, a thank you to someone, a dog that you would like to commemorate, a good luck to a particular club/team etc....then this is a great way to do it AND support this event, the sport, usa and all of your fellow doggy enthusiasts!! we are offering advertising on the regional website (banner adds, active links etc), at the field itself (hang banners etc on the fence of the trial field) and of course in the catalog (1/4, 1/2, full page adds and the covers and/or the center fold out). we are anticipating a great turn out, so this will be a great way to get the word out to rookie and veteran doggy people alike! (http://09swregionals.com/)

vendors: our club has contacted some of the local "dog businesses" in regards to setting up vendor booths at the trial site. in case anyone knows someone etc that would be interested in setting up a booth...we are making space available to set up a "vendor alley" the booths will be placed right along side the trial field fence for optimum traffic past the booths, and so that those "manning" the booths will not miss out on the trial action!! we will be happy to include most any vendor (equipment, food, products, apparel etc). vendors will also be listed on the website (that will give everyone a chance to "pre-shop" before the event 8) ) the club will also have a booth that will have the event apparel available. (http://09swregionals.com/)

whew....hopefully that wasn't too bad of an update!! just wait until we get closer and the updates will begin to include event details and scheduling etc...haha. anyway, if you have any questions regarding the information above, or a question in general, please feel free to contact me. we are still in the process of trying to get some group/discount rates at some of the hotels listed on the regional site, as well as include info about rv parking/camping. as we get more details, i will send them out to everyone...

at this time, i would also like to let everyone know how happy our club, san diego diensthund, is to be hosting this event!! as many of you know, our club members include many rookies to the sport...so, after hosting several club trials where we have had a chance to meet and get to know so many of you, we are all very excited to host an event of this caliber. we can't wait to renew old friendships, and create new ones...not to mention watch the best dog/handler teams the southwest region has to offer!! we are hoping to make this event fun, relaxed and memorable....showcasing great training, great handling, great sportsmanship and great camaraderie--all the best things about dog sport!! thank you in advance for all of the support, and please fwd this to your clubs and anyone else that you think may be interested in the info!!

take care and happy training,
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