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By-laws amendments: vote results

Postby annecamper » Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:59 pm

Ballots were returned by 8 out of 10 full member clubs and 11 of 12 board
members. All amendments passed.

1) Amendments to extend annual event beyond IPO trials alone
__18___ accept ___1__reject

2) Amendments to add Director of Judges to the Executive Board and
remove three at-large members of the Executive Board.
___16__ accept __3___reject

3) Amendment to allow electronic balloting for election of Regional
__19___ accept __0___reject

4) Amendments to define “late” periods for membership renewal (club
and individual) and to allow the Executive Board to set reasonable late
fees in concert with these revised dates and deadlines.
_16____ accept ___3__reject

5) Establish the Director of Judges position as one that is filled by
election, as no current process even exists for determining the DoJ.
__18___ accept __1___reject
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