Protection only titles at AWMA trials

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Protection only titles at AWMA trials

Postby annecamper » Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:36 pm

To all AWMA clubs:

When the new FCI rules were released, the AWMA voted to allow our clubs to offer all titles listed in the regulations. This included the protection-only titles. It recently came to our attention that UScA will not allow their judges to officiate over the protection-only titles. Consequently, if an AWMA club wishes to offer these titles, UScA judges cannot be used. Upon taking this situation to the AWDF, I received this response:

>>From the AWDF Executive Board:

As a federation we all should support and respect each club's regulations. The AWDF executive board understands that within the FCI and all countries there will be some variations of some of the International rules. UScA has a regulation for their judges that doesn't allow the phase C to be judged as a single title/ certificate.

The AWDF executive board feels that it should always be the hosting club's responsibility to inform the judge of the titles they plan to offer at their event and make sure the judge can officiate all titles being offered.<<

Therefore, to avoid problems, it is important that any judge, regardless of affiliation, be asked in advance if they are allowed to officiate over the titles authorized by the FCI that the AWMA club wishes to offer. This will ensure that the competitors are given accurate information about the club’s trial.

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